Combat Agent Six (戦闘員六号 Sentōin Roku-gō?) is the main protagonist of the Combatants Will be Dispatched! series.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Six has unkempt brown hair and eyes with a scar on his left eyebrow. He wears a standard black and light blue outlined Kisaragi Corporation combat suit.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As a combatant for the evil Kisaragi Corporation, Six is expected to act as a typical subordinate who doesn't question orders from their superiors and must always act in a mature and respectful manner towards his superiors. Contrary to all of that, he's obnoxious, overly inquisitive to anything he's assigned to do and desires to do lewd things to his bosses. Since being assigned to work with Alice on his reconnaissance mission he's shown to have a deep disdain for working with kids.

History[edit | edit source]

The man known as "Combat Agent Six" joined the Kisaragi Corporation in his first year of high school, roughly three to four years before the beginning of the story. He began working there part-time at age nineteen.

Combatant 6 is a senior in the organization being the oldest member of the organization left except for the generals.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Alice Kisaragi: They get off to a bad start, but slowly build a partnership with Alice being the brains and Six the muscles and even start to refer to each other as partners by the end of the second volume of the Light Novel, not only that, but later on Alice starts giving Six an allowance. Lilith, Alice's creator, states on Volume 4 of the Light Novel that she used Six's samples for Alice's personality matrix as she was built to be his support and that's why they act so similar, in fact, Lilith even states that the more they talk, the more they look like a pair of siblings, which is an accurate description as both see each other in a platonic way.
  • Flaming Belial: Not much is known between the two, however, Six seemingly also has feelings for her and is caught off whenever Belial is silenced by her co-workers for revealing secret information.
  • Freezing Astaroth: Six has openly expressed his interest in trying to court Astaroth, however, whenever he does that she either becomes flustered or violent.
  • Black Lilith: Although Six is confident in her capabilities as a scientist, this is shown to come into question when he's basically a test subject for her newly created teleporter. When Lilith temporarily joins Six in the other world during the forth volume of the Light Novel, it's revealed that they are actually very close, enjoying playing games together and hanging out in the past. Six sees Lilith as usually useless though, creating more trouble than she solves them, but he still cares for her and thinks that she can be reliable when she gets serious. When Rose says that they look like friends, rather than a supervisor and subordinate, Lilith says that Six is more like a failure of a younger brother than a friend, which bothers Six who states that he is literally older than her.
  • Tiger Man: He is a long time friend of 6, although he kept a close eye to Tiger man's creepy nature towards children as it is against the rules of the organization to be pedophilic.
  • Snow: Six keeps fighting with Snow over various things which is teased by the other girls as lover's quarrel. Six has some feelings towards at one Snow kissed Six but Six refused to take responsibility for her. Six has a mixed impression of her: sometimes he admires her, sometimes he takes pity on her for how greedy she is. Six also showed jealousy when Snow tried to seduce Prince of Toris, and out of Jealousy Six put his penis on the Prince's head in front of the whole party.
  • Grimm: His relationship with Grimm was originally simply flirtatious, but briskly escalated after he does a lewd act to her.
  • Adelheid Kruger: although he liked her body, Adelheid is a enemy of the organization and is a part of the Hiiragi law institute
  • Combat Agent 10: Combatant 6 and 10 started to become friends after 10 frequently helped 6 to infiltrate Tirrith's room even hosting a barbeque in her room.

Weapons & Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Pistol: Six uses a standard issue pistol.
  • Old combat armor: Combatant 6 still uses the old Kisaragi combatant armor mainly due to him trying to save up his evil points and its ability to release his limit.
  • R Buster Sword: The R Buster sword is his favorite weapon of choice he claimed many lives by using this sword and his Limiter release.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Limiter release: Using the old Kisaragi combat armor Combatant 6 could release his limit, enhancing his combat output even more in 10 seconds. He could fight in this state for 1 minute before being paralyzed for a long time.

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